IDOL Magazine – Mr. Brainwash Interview

Mr. Brainwash achieved worldwide recognition through Banksy’s Oscar nominated film, Exit Through The Gift Shop. But the man who refuses to accept that he has a “career” – instead explaining that he’s always been an artist and that “art” is something inside of you – has been an active member of the art community for what seems like forever.

IDOL Magazine – Luke Edward Hall Interview

There isn’t much Luke Edward Hall isn’t good at, from fashion design to fanzines, styling to photography, this go-getter has dabbled in it all. His actuality reflects his love of all things creative, from his graduate collection at Central Saint Martins, designing for Patrick Wolf and Fox and Flyte, a shop of “curious objects for the home and person.”

IDOL Magazine – KITSCH Feature

Kitsch! Tacky! Vulgar! No, this is not the exclamation I made when entering my old spinster aunt’s house in the countryside, it is the definition of the current art market.