Summer of Solidarity – Music without borders

“How far have you guys travelled?” The answers shouted back at the band on stage, that night at the New Cross Inn in London, came thick and fast: “Germany!” “Belgium!” “Czech Republic!”

Getting the train to South East London, I didn’t know what to expect. Finding myself in the middle of a crowd, listening to a band I’d never heard of and sharing drinks with people from all over Europe, it hit me: this was something special.

Imperica Magazine – Cultural appropriation is cancelled: killing the concept that would not die

A small portion of the population gets offended at everything they don’t like and hide behind a concept that should never have been taken from its social studies context. The mainstream appropriation of “cultural appropriation” transformed a sociology concept steeped in the study of power struggles between oppressed cultures and oppressors and applied it to every supposed misappropriation of cultural signs and symbols by people who, according to the uninformed masses, have no rights to it.