IDOL Magazine – Luke Edward Hall Interview

There isn’t much Luke Edward Hall isn’t good at, from fashion design to fanzines, styling to photography, this go-getter has dabbled in it all. His actuality reflects his love of all things creative, from his graduate collection at Central Saint Martins, designing for Patrick Wolf and Fox and Flyte, a shop of “curious objects for the home and person.”

A final collection at Central Saint Martins is always a big deal, with pressure to make waves, to sell to buyers, to be “the next big thing.” For Luke, however, it was motivated by his need to show “a true reflection of his taste – a sort of ultimate, dream collection.”

Very much in line with his own personal style, the collection mixes the dapper of the English gentleman with something a tad edgier, “more playful and youthful.” There is nothing stuffy about it, something that is explained by the backstory he came up with for his fictional muse: “he is the eccentric son of a Duke, who grew up in a crumbling Jacobean manor house, constantly at rowdy dinners and parties. He became tired and bored of his somewhat meaningless life and escaped to the Cornish coast where he transformed himself into a free-willed poet and forager, living off the land alongside gypsies and seabirds.”

Transforming oneself is something Luke is accustomed to. From Cake, the fanzine of his teenage years to designing for Patrick Wolf, “I grew up with his music, so it was a great experience to be able to work with him,” Luke declines and communicates his creative ideas in as many mediums as possible.

“I’m really interested in the idea of creating a brand with a strong aesthetic and style – an entire universe. I like designing clothes, but I also like working on branding. To me it’s just as important, because it’s a way of putting your work into context. A friend is currently putting together a behind-the-scenes short film, which was shot at my collection lookbook shot. It’s exciting, because producing film is another way in which I can convey my ideas.”

His latest creative venture is Fox and Flyte, which he launched with his two best friends because they “are all obsessed with antiques and old things.” A curated online store, Fox and Flyte might become even bigger and better in the future, with plans to “start producing our own objects, a few of which might turn out to be accessories or items of clothing that I’m hoping to design myself.”

As would be expected for someone with so many creative outlets, picking one idol proves to be almost impossible. “I’ve just bought Stephen Tennant’s biography. Tennant was known for his decadent lifestyle, and was described as the ‘Brightest’ of the ‘Bright Young People’ (a group of young socialites in 1920s London). He reportedly spent most of his life in bed, which is just hilarious. He was one of the inspirations for Lord Sebastian Flyte in Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited, which is one of my favourite books. We even named our business after Sebastian!”

One of the brightest, most prolific young creative to come out of Central Saint Martins this year, Luke Edward Hall is definitely one to watch.


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