UMG – Name your Indie band in 3 easy steps

All you need is a name


Here at HP Lounge, we’ve noticed a worrying trend: band’s names are getting crazier and crazier.

We remember a time when every band name might have been – kind of – the same, and it was a GOOD thing. Seriously: we KNEW how to spot the indie kids! We could make a beeline for the T at the record shop – when those still existed – and be happy to look through thousands of THE something something’s albums.

If you have a band, or even if you don’t, we’re here to help. Let’s bring back the good old days of the THE!

1. The furry things

Always start with an animal. ALWAYS. Case in point: Grizzly Bear, Panda Bear – aw… so cute! – Deerhoof, Deerhunter, Band of Horses, Frightened Rabbit, Fleet
Foxes… and lest we forget… THE BEATLES!

2. Customise

Pick a colour (Gold Panda), a reference (Noah and the Whale), or even a place (Arctic Monkeys). You can also claim ownership of your animal (Wolfmother) or simply give up and jump to step 3.

3. And most importantly

THE! Yes, that’s right. Always add the definite article – oh grammar! – in front of your band’s name. Why? Because… well. If it’s good enough for The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Stooges, The Libertines and thousands of other bands out there, it should – surely – be good enough for you.

Also, you could end up with a name as awesome as The Wombats! Now THAT’s something!

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