UMG – Album Review: Ty Segall – Ty Segall

Ty Segall has dropped the follow up to last year’s Emotional Mugger.


The self-titled album, his ninth, was recorded with a full band, and whilst it’s still very much Ty’s particular brand of garage that you’ll get, the Californian multi-instrumentalist proves yet again that he can master any type of rock.

Ty is without a doubt one of modern rock’s foremost genius, very rarely disappointing. He doesn’t have anything to prove anymore, which allows him to end his second self-titled album – the other one being his debut – with a “song,” ‘Untitled,’ that is nothing more than a burst of guitar leading nowhere.

Of course, the man can channel everyone from Jay Reatard to The Beatles. But what’s remarkable is that he manages to do so not only on the same record but more often than not, within the same song!

Segall’s incredible output and his wide-ranging influences really do make The Rolling Stones’ often-used comparison not so far fetched. We can only hope the younger man will still be around at 70!

Listen to: ‘Break A Guitar,’ ‘Warm Hands (Freedom Returned),’ ‘Talkin’,’ ‘Thank You Mr. K’

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