UMG – Album Review: The Pigeon Detectives – Broken Glances

Number 5 is here!


The Pigeon Detectives are still around! Yep, we realise this statement might shock you, but bear with us here. The lads from Leeds might have emerged from the noughties’ indie pop rock scene but they kept at it even AFTER everyone moved on.

Of course, it isn’t necessarily easy for fans to stick with a band for 10 years. Frontman Matt Bowman, NME reports, said: “On this album we felt we owed it to [our fans] to deliver something real that documents the journey we’ve all been on together. If you listen hard enough and take some time over the record, you’ll realise it’s an ode to everyone that’s ever bought an album or turned up to a show.”

So this fifth album is for us!

It’s way more toned-down that what we’d expect from the quintet. Quieter, older – dare we say it – more mature! Which isn’t to say that The Pigeons Detectives are no fun anymore. There are still some indie rock bangers to be found on Broken Glances, but they don’t stand out as much as they used to.

The lads have grown up and their music has evolved with them. This is the beginning of a new, quieter chapter.


Listen to: ‘Lose Control,’ ‘Sounding The Alarm,’ ‘Stay With Me,’ ‘Change My World’

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