Clique Magazine – Delo gives your water a little “je ne sais quoi”

Feeling a bit down? The French might have the answer with a simple little booster cap to screw on your bottled water.

French women are not the only one to have it all. Since January, British women (and men, let’s not forget them) can also hydrate in style. All they have to do is carry an Evian bottle topped up with a Delo water booster cap.

Selfridges exclusivity on the Delo booster caps is the news of the beauty world. Yes, you will be able to drink the Delo Sun, Energy, Sexy, De Stress or Slim herb essences supplements wherever you go, and with its limitation – the booster caps can only be screwed on French, 50cl water bottles – it was only a matter of time before the Delo cap was the line between the in-the-know and the rest of the world.

To indulge in this latest cool fashion accessory/ hydrating help, you will have to stock up on French bottles next time you’re in Paris, take a daily trip on the Eurostar or buy the Delo bottle shaker to have your daily “supplement of life” (according to the Delo blog).

Sceptical? Colette, the coolest shop in the world stocks it in its water bar. So that has to mean something. Instead of popping vitamins every morning like the rest of us, you could sip on a 100% natural, 100% French and 100% cool Delo supplement.

There are five different supplements to choose from with each cap containing six herbs’ sachets. That’s a lot of green goodness. Could the NHS mean Delo caps when they recommend five a day?

We doubt these caps are extremely healthy and we sure would not recommend you skip on your veggies because of your newfound addiction to Delo. However, for a healthy glow of “in the know,” you can’t go wrong with the booster caps.

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