UMG – Latest Kanye is out!

What we thought of The Life of Pablo

The Life of Pablo is finally out! Kanye’s latest album, clocking at just under an hour, offers something for everyone.

“I guess I get what I deserve, don’t I?” he repeats multiple times on ‘Real Friends.’

We never thought we’d feel bad for Kanye West. Some would say he had nothing left to say, but one could also see TLOP as a man baring his soul. He’s not commenting on the world, cause Yeezus is OUTSIDE the world. He might think it’s because he’s a genius, the reality might be closer to his status as one of the most famous person on the planet. God, family and the lack of friends are recurring themes, sometimes feeling like West is channelling the West African griot – a historian, storyteller, praise singer and musician. Whilst as an artist, Kanye hasn’t lost his touch; we can’t help but worry for the man.

Or should we? On songs such as ‘Feedback,’ ‘I Love Kanye’ or ‘Facts,’ the rapper shows incredible awareness of his surrounding and own insanity. “I been out of my mind for a long time,” he says. We wish we could let him know we’re glad he’s aware of it. He gets into our heads on ‘I Love Kanye’ – and takes the mighty piss out of himself – and ‘Facts’ makes us want to believe in his complete sanity. So, is the cray-cray an act? We might lose OUR heads trying to figure it out.

Whether or not Yeezy is crazy isn’t really our problem though. What we should concern ourselves with is whether the man has anything to offer the world with his music.

With songs like ‘Ultralight Beam,’ where he goes, quite literally, to church, or ‘Pt.2,’ offering us an audio overview of hip-hop history, we cannot help but answer with a resounding YES.

Of course, this record isn’t without some problems. We could mention ‘Famous,’ a song that may have gathered a lot of press – for the Tay-Tay lyrics – but does not deliver anything, apart from Rihanna showing off her vocal skills.

It would have been nice if auto-tune had been turned off, here and there, and as a whole, the album may have benefitted from some editing.

Finishing with the house-y track ‘Fade,’ Kanye West seems out to show the world he’s still relevant. Not as a famous face, or as a Twitter rant – what’s up with those btw – but as a rapper and musician.

“If mamma knew how you turned out,” he says in ‘Wolves.’ “We’re surrounded by the fucking wolves.”

Well, dear Kanye, you’ve managed to deliver, yet again, an outstanding piece of work. Have no doubt, your mamma would be very proud.

Listen to: ‘Ultralight Beam’ feat Chance the Rapper & Kirk Franklin/ ‘Feedback’/ ‘I Love Kanye’/ ‘FML’ feat The Weeknd/ ‘Wolves’ feat Frank Ocena & Caroline Shaw/ ‘Facts (Charlie Heat Version)’