UMG – Making Lemonade with the Queen

Beyoncé’s done it again!

Lemonade has just dropped and everyone is talking about it, obviously. One question most watchers/listeners will ask themselves is: has Bey lost her mind? The answer? She sure did! And we’re incredibly grateful for it too.

We couldn’t say it better than The Verge magazine: “You need to see and hear the spoken word interstitials born from Warsan Shire’s poetry, the home movies yanked from Beyoncé’s childhood, or Malcolm X’s speech about the devaluation of black women.” You really do.

Aside from the Jay Z stuff, – “They don’t love you like I love you” – and we certainly think there’s been enough written about that, Beyoncé went socio/political on Lemonade. Be it about feminism, white/blackness or Black Lives Matter, Bey has something to say: and WE LISTEN. To be fair, we’re slightly scared she’s going to bust our car’s windows if we don’t – cue ‘Hold Up.’

She also borrows from every underground musical genre that has something to say: be it Dancehall, Reggae, Rock, Punk, Country, Blues or Hip Hop. Anyone looking for a straight pop album will be highly disappointed.

But then again, why would anyone ask for boring pop when you have an artist who can channel Aretha Franklin’s Freedom, Rihanna or Kanye’s love of musical exploration and Bjork and Gaga’s strong aesthetics. All within ONE piece of work!

Yep, it’s been a long time since anybody could categories Bey. She’s in a category of her own. The “genius” case has been ticked. Move along. Or press repeat.

Lemonade is a beautiful piece of art about loss, and with it, the visionary Bey created the new pop Holy Book. Complete with chapters, running commentary and arresting visuals, THIS is what music and art will be all about moving forward.

If you still have doubts, the guest appearances should convince you the future of music is happening RIGHT NOW: Jack White, The Weeknd, James Blake and Kendrick Lamar. All men who know what it is to push the envelop, to cross musical genders and to come out stronger for it.

All hail Queen Bey!

Listen to: well, all of it! Actually WATCH it. You’ll thank us later.